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To Absent Friends To Absent Friends

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like this. I wouldn't have thought of spore if you hadn't mentioned it in your description. For all those that say it sounds like spore's theme, you sir are SILLY. Spore doesn't have a theme. The music is procedural, it's different every time. Though granted, I can see where people draw the similarity from, I hear it now too.

Also, your responses make me giggle on the insides. I was actually lead here by another of your songs. I don't remember which. Oh, right. The silent hill one. Dig that one too. Make more ambience! You're good at it.

The song's relaxingly fantastic. Will check out the rest of your works. Kudos, sir!

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lanky21 responds:

Kudos are really good candy bars....mmmm.....

Thanks for the review Brae (can I call you Brae? How 'bout "B" for ultimate laziness?)! Yeah, I got no less than 6 messages saying this sounded like spore. I was like "WTF? I've never even played it!!" one guy accused me of copying it. Loser. Anyways, thanks again for the words B, keep checking back from time to time.

Our Special Place...Remember? Our Special Place...Remember?

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I was mislead!

I clicked it thinking a remix of a final fantasy song, but that's not what it was at all. This song is absurdly epic. The chimes in the beginning and the cello. Mmmm. Cello. I loves me some Cello. It reminded me of Mechwarrior 2, which has the best sound track I've ever heard for a game, save a handful of nameless RPG's. This song sounds like it would be right at home in a survival/horror flick.

I can see it in my brain, nameless entity trying to hide from the mist, running through the woods, there's no audio save this song, filmed with a high speed/HD camera, so everything's just a tiny bit slower than normal and everything's in focus all at once.

Right. Excellent work. On a (I think you should do this!) note, I would love to see (get it? see? sorry.) this with percussion. Or more, I can't really hear any. Or don't recall any. Either way.

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lanky21 responds:

Thanks for the review Braethias (cool name, BTW). You're the second person to recommend some percussion. I'll have to take it into consideration. I'm leery about adding or changing old songs, however, as I tend to always mess up the whole thing. But, I'll try it and see how it sounds.

Super Kirbo World Super Kirbo World

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I can only imagine how many times you had to record each part to get it to match perfectly. You sound out of breath at some points, must have been exhausting.

What made all of this even better was watching agnryfaic and musing how hilarious it would've been do have someone walk in on you doing an individual part making what would have seemingly been random noise.

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DBZ Parody Saiyans Paradise DBZ Parody Saiyans Paradise

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

The lolz, do it for them.

All this hair is hard with lice
Living in a Saiyans paradise.
This spandex Chafes my thighs,

I pretty much just lost it here. I love this, it's fantastic. It ruins what little respect I had left for the song.

Saria's Song...with Cake Saria's Song...with Cake

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Beeple boople bopple

It's very short, but I like the ... the.... 8bit? sound it has. I like the boople sound the main melody's got. I would've stuck more bass in it, nothing obsurd, mind you. Maybe next time work the melody into a longer song? Or morph it a little bit, turn it into something CRAZY.

Damnit, now this song'll be stuck in my head for another year. Only in Booplepleboop format. Damn you, OOT!

And what you got against cake? You don't like cake? Cakist!

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balloonpoop responds:

haha yes this song is so hard to get out of your head... thats what drove me to make this thing lol. but no I am all for cake. I love cake. cake is god. all praise the almighty cake